Taylor Swift Beatboxed with LL Cool J

On Wednesday at the Grammy Nominations Concert Live!, Taylor Swift busted out her beatbox skills while LL Cool J sang Swift’s Mean. About 50 people in the front row slumped to the floor after they shot themselves in the face.

Access Hollywood caught up with LL who said, “She did about as well as I did singing. So, I guess we both got about a zilch, about a zero on that one.” He added, “But we’ll put something together better for February. That’s the joke, that’s the running joke. It was cute. That was fun, a lot of fun.”

Meanwhile, Ne-Yo said, “It wasn’t bad. It was actually pretty good. Taylor might have a future in some other genres if she tries. Taylor Swift hip hop album, coming soon!”

I suppose that could happen but wasn’t she already on a B.o.B. song? Anyway, I’m surprised neither of those two groaned, “She’s. So. White,” when they asked them about Swift’s beatboxing.

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