Brandi Glanville Gives Eddie Cibrian a 9 in Bed

I think this goes without saying considering Eddie Cibrian has two women fighting over him with one even willing to be molded into his idea of the perfect woman, but Brandi Glanville was on Bravo TV talking about her split from Eddie and rated Eddie a nine in bed.

“I was with him for 13 years. I wouldn’t stay if it wasn’t, like, a total package,” said Brandi. However, she added that they would never get back together explaining, “he makes my skin crawl.”

She then talked about LeAnn Rimes describing her as Eddie’s “sugar mama.” Which is weird because I get the feeling she’s saying it like that’s a bad thing.

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9 years ago

I can’t wait until the Spit Fire album is finally in my hands! (big smile)

God bless you and LeAnn always!

Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her).

P.S. By the way, is Brandi still without a drivers license due to her DUI a couple of years ago?

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