J.Lo Thinks Her PEOPLE Cover Makes Her Look ‘Old and Haggard’

Jennifer Lopez gave PEOPLE magazine an exclusive interview to talk about life after Marc Anthony and her new boy toy Casper Smart. That was fine and all but now she’s a little pissed at the photo they used for the cover. A source tells Page Six, “Her camp feels she looks old and haggard.”  To be fair, the cover doesn’t make her look haggard, being 43 makes her look old and haggard. You can’t stay 25 forever. Unless you’re dead. But then you just sort of decay instead of age which is really not preferable.

Anyway, in the picture, Jennifer has a big smile with straight hair and long bangs. Friends are comparing her to 70-year-old fashion designer Betsey Johnson (top right).

Knowing Jennifer, she must love hearing that. She probably looked Betsey up on Google image search like I just did and then went to her 1,000 square foot bathroom and started quietly sobbing.

  • Bill Surman

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