Wonder Woman Is Cursed

People have been trying to get a Wonder Woman series going for years now. In 2011, Adrianne Palicki was filming a version for NBC which they ended up passing on because of less than stellar early test screenings.

Last year, the CW announced that they were trying to start their own Wonder Woman series putting out a casting call for actresses in their mid-20’s 5’8” or taller.

Turns out that Wonder Woman isn’t happening either. At least this year. The CW didn’t pickup the series and has moved the Wonder Woman project, titled Amazon, to next season.

They should scrap the idea altogether or at least cater to their demographic and make it Wonder Girl. It’d be set in high school and one of the plots will be about “OMG, did you hear what Jenny said about Diana?”

  • Patrick

    Wonder Woman is not cursed…she is feared. There is a fear that it will fail. The key to me is that they need to ditch the Wonder Woman TV show. She can become an iconic on television but more importantly a movie icon. There are three keys to success…for a movie:

    1) The movie should not be too expensive. The model to follow is the Underworld series which was made for about $75 million each movie. But brought in about $160 million worldwide. While a Wonder Woman movie would almost certainly top that, people should not expect a multi-billion dollar franchise.

    2) The movie should be grounded in reality (even if it means changing her origin story) to move away from the Greek mythology angle. They might allude to it but it should be on the back burner.

    3) Finally they should find a villain that would take Wonder Woman to task. Someone as strong or stronger who presents a challenge so formidable it would create a good deal of tension. The problem is that no one from her rogues gallery really presents that challenge. Therefore one should be invented…a sort of Bane to Wonder Woman’s Batman.

  • Raina

    Wonder Woman was always a rather boring super hero ..

    • Was going to say most of the hype around the revival of Wonder Woman is out of nostalgia

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