Harry Styles Hit in the Balls With a Shoe

During a performance in Glasgow, Scotland, a fan nailed Harry Styles of One Direction right in the balls with a shoe and then his band mates made fun of him.

The fan actually threw two. The first one was probably a distraction to get both his hands occupied so the second one could hit him in the nuts. It was a beautiful thing. I heard an angel got its wings when that happened.

Buzzfeed made a fitting gif for it.


  • violet4ever

    Harry smells great according every fan that ever got a hug. A rag originally published the fake story that Kendall would be complaining about Harry’s hygiene on Keeping Up with the Kardassians, other rags (such as yourself) immediately copied the story, the original rag had to print a retraction of the story, and nothing was ever said on KUWTK show. The whole thing was fake.

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