Holly Madison Will Eat Her Placenta

Upon giving birth, Holly Madison will attempt to eat her placenta. Not right away, mind you. I mean, she’s not going to point to the thing after her baby pops out and ask for a knife and fork. Don’t be crazy. That’s un-ladylike.

No, instead, Holly plans to turn her placenta into pills she can take. She’ll most likely politely ask the doc to put the placenta in some tupperware after it sloughs out of her. “But why,” you scream?

Due March 5, Madison is not the first Hollywood celeb to consume so-called placenta pills, in which a woman’s placenta is cleaned, cooked, processed and put into capsule-type pills, said to help new moms nourish their bodies after chilbirth and potentially curb postpartum depression. Mad Men actress January Jones also opened up about consuming placenta pills after welcoming her son Xander in September 2011. Us

I’ve always thought “crazy pills” was an expression people used. Now I realize they’re probably referring to pills made of placenta and that the “crazy” is merely a modifier. It’s a much more socially acceptable way to tell people you’re insane. Like, when Holly goes out of the room, her boyfriend can roll his eyes and tell dinner guests, “Oh, Holly is just taking her crazy pills,” and the guests will just assume he’s being a gigantic asshole when in fact Holly is actually taking crazy pills.

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