Man Crashes Lamborghini, Leaves Car

In San Diego on Monday, a man and woman crashed a black Lamborghini and fled the scene. The car was purchased only hours earlier and was reportedly worth $250,000.

SDPD says the incident occurred on La Jolla Village Drive near La Jolla Scenic Drive at 11:45 pm. The car was not presumed to be stolen.

Witnesses told officers that they saw the 2008 Murcielego racing down Interstate 5 before it flew off of the La Jolla Village Drive exit and crashed at high speed.

10News has learned that a witness told dispatchers that a blonde woman and a man exited the vehicle after the crash and that the witness heard them say, “Let’s get out of here.” Police said the pair fled the scene on foot.

Officers said they found paperwork from Lamborghini Newport Beach in Orange County still inside the car, indicating a purchase price of almost $250,000, and dated just hours prior to the crash.

A crash isn’t too big of a deal but to just leave a quarter of a million sitting there? These people might literally wipe their asses with $100 bills.

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