98 Degrees Release ‘Girls Night Out’

It took them a few years, but they’re back and creepier than ever. On Monday, 98 Degrees debuted their new single Girls Night Out, a song about going to clubs and staring at all the hot ladies. Mind you, these guys are all almost 40.

“Look how she do that sexy dance, she got every single man up in here want to lose his mind / She got her girlfriends all around, lookin’ good and gettin’ down tonight” and “Girls night out / So many women / Lookin’ good in the place right now / Makes my head spin round / ‘Cuz each one is sexy / Help me, I want to love them all down tonight.”

Maybe I shouldn’t make fun of them for this. I’m sure if they pound a couple shots of Red Bull and Metamucil they’ll be good to go.

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