Former Nanny Claims Diddy’s Kids Ended Up Covered in ‘White Powder’

Dawn Drago, former nanny to Diddy’s ex, Kim Porter, filed a lawsuit against Kim alleging her twin daughters got a contact high every day and one time even got into mommy’s stash and ended up covered in white powder.

As Rocky has taught us, one should never trust a person named Drago but we should hear her out just in case.

Drago claims Kim smoked weed day and night while the kids were home implying the smoke was easily wafting up the kids’ nostrils.

Not only that but Kim would leave her baggies of coke lying around. One time she was driving them to school when they got into “a bag containing the powder, along with clear capsules, filled with another powdery substance in a bag in the back seat.” The kids were covered in white powder after getting into it. Yikes. Someone should tell them that’s not how you use coke. Kids, amirite?

When Drago asked Porter about the bag, she said it was her “medicine.” Medicine that she takes nasally and has to rub on her gums to makes sure she doesn’t waste any. Who’s her doctor? Curtis on the corner of 53rd and Washington?

Drago also claims Kim verbally abused her before firing her. Drago says her complaining about the marijuana smoke choking her was the tipping point for Kim. Drago is asking for unspecified damages.

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