Jenna Jameson May Be Charged With Battery

On Saturday evening on her birthday weekend, Jenna Jameson was arrested at a house in Newport Beach after a person put Jenna under citizen’s arrested, flagged down a cop and claimed they were attacked by the ex-porn star. She was booked and then released on her own recognizance. OC prosecutors may charge her with battery if enough evidence presents itself. No word on if Jenna made it to her birthday party at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim.

Jenna took to Twitter to try to explain her side of the story. She wrote that a friend broke into her house, robbed her and “accused me of gusting her.” That tweet is gone but she did also write, “Being a liar, a steroid user and a complete bullshitter, must be hard to keep the lie alive.”

I have no idea what gusting is. Anyone? Is that a porn thing? Is that like queefing in someone’s face when they’re not looking? Because I could see how someone would be pissed off about that. Especially if they didn’t have a video camera ready.

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