That Elisha Cuthbert Eye-Roll

Elisha Cuthbert, who’s engaged to Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf, was sitting next to April Reimer, wife of Leafs goalie James Reimer, at the Leafs/Bruins game last night. After a bad play by Phaneuf led to Boston scoring on Reimer for the game-winning goal in overtime, cameras cut to Cuthbert who was seen rolling her eyes at April and vice versa.

People interpreted this as Elisha’s non-verbal way of saying “your husband sucks nuts” but, naturally, that wasn’t the case. Cuthbert went on Twitter to clear a few things up. “Things are not always what they seem. I’m insulted and disappointed by a lot of these Comments. That’s real. Not a 3 sec. Clip.”

Meanwhile, April tweeted a pic of them smiling together and said it was “the jerk beside us” they were rolling their eyes at.


So this big story became a non-issue in about 10 seconds. The good news is we have gifs because gifs are awesome and for some reason Elisha Cuthbert looks really hot when she acts dismissive.