Here’s Everyone Who Wants Nothing to Do With Paula Deen

Here are the list of companies who currently don’t want to touch Paula Deen with a 10 foot buttered ham.

  1. Target, who sells Paula Deen cookware including pots, pans and skillets, have decided to phase out all Paula Deen merchandise in store as well as on their website. Once everything is all sold out, they say they will “not be replenishing inventory.”
  2. Walmart will also “not place new orders beyond those already committed.”
  3. Home Depot has also stopped selling Paula Deen cookware. Something I never knew Home Depot sold in the first place. I guess the embedded saw dust gives your dishes an extra kick.
  4. Four buffet restaurants owned by Caesars say they will be stripping Paula Deen’s name and will rebrand their restaurants in all 4 cities. They said their decision to do so was a mutual one with Deen. Suggestions on new names include, “We aren’t racist. We just serve fried chicken next to the watermelon by coincidence.” A little wordy but it gets the point across.
  5. The Food Network will not renew Paula’s contract. They’ve replaced her with programs by the much more visually pleasing Giada De Laurentiis who sadly doesn’t have many recipes for butter.
  6. Novo Nordisk has also dropped Paula as a spokesperson. They manufacture Victoza, an injectable, non-insulin drug used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Let this be a lesson to other celebrities. Fawning over slave-themed weddings and casually using the n-word in jokes? Surprisingly not a good idea.

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