Please Let This Be Scott Disick’s Acting Reel

If you go to and wait a few seconds, you’ll be treated to a short film promo for Yeezus starring Scott Disick and Jonathan Cheben directed by Kanye West himself. The video is a send-up of the famous scene fromĀ American Psycho that everyone loves to parody or “pay homage” to.

Anyway, Scott Disick plays Patrick Bateman in the scene (fitting considering everyone says he looks a little like him without the beard) and he is god awful at it. Watching Disick act makes you appreciate even terrible actors like Lindsay Lohan. Not much, but a little. He emphasizes random words and stilts his speech so much that he sounds half retarded.

Hopefully this will be his acting reel and producers everywhere will watch it and never ever say to themselves, “Hey, maybe we should put this second string Kardashian in a movie.”

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