Selena Gomez and Her Friend Were Also at the Beach

Here’s Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa at the beach in Malibu. Apparently Francia is also an actress famous for her role in The Secret Life of an American Teenager? I don’t know, that’s what Wikipedia told me. In any case, here they are at the beach. Selena wasn’t in a bikini and was a little annoyed at the paps taking pictures of her but Francia was more than happy to oblige. “Trust me, you DO NOT want to be as famous as me,” Selena told Francia while wiping her tears with a $100 bill.

  • Rebecca

    this is pretty fuckin douchey

  • someone

    this is so unneccesarily mean and spiteful. do you know her personally? what did she ever do to you? when she reads this how disheartened do you think she is going to be?

  • jay

    So … a teenage girl is disturbed by the idea of thousands of creepy old men having sexual fantasies about her. This is what we used to call “healthy”.

  • Anna Vink

    wtf is your problem

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