Bryan Cranston Wanted to Kill His Ex-Girlfriend

Bryan Cranston says in the latest issue of GQ that, years ago, he really wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend. Cranston imagined murdering her by smashing her head into the brick wall of his apartment.

“I had one girlfriend I wanted to kill.”

It was a woman he dated after his short-lived first marriage. She was a drug addict, terribly unstable, and she followed Cranston to New York when he left L.A. to work on the soap opera Loving. She stalked him, leaving messages on his answering machine: “I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna cut your balls off. I’m gonna have your dick sawed off.” Finally, one day, the woman showed up at Cranston’s Upper West Side apartment, banging on the door.

“And I envisioned myself killing her. It was so clear. My apartment had a brick wall on one side, and I envisioned opening the door, grabbing her by the hair, dragging her inside, and shoving her head into that brick wall until brain matter was dripping down the sides of it. Then I shuddered and realized how clearly I saw that happening. And I called the police because I was so afraid. I was temporarily insane—capable of doing tremendous damage to her and to myself.”

I know what Cranston means. Like, one time, this girl at Starbucks gave me two pumps of sugar when I clearly asked for one and I just wanted to take her head and smash it against the coffee machine. Two pumps of sugar?! Don’t you know diabetes is quickly becoming the leading cause of death? Gawd!

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10 years ago

I’ve been there so I won’t/can’t judge.

All that matters is that you were able to control yourself in the end.