Joe Francis Sentenced to 9 Months in Jail

Joe Francis has been sentenced to at least 270 days in county jail for attacking a woman at his mansion back in 2011. Three women accused Joe of taking them home to his Hollywood house and not letting them leave. They claimed he choke-slammed one of the their heads into his tile floor.

Arriving to court looking like a bloated turtle, Joe listened as his lawyer accused the three women of lying about not having cell reception in his house and slamming their head into the tile.

However, the judge was having none of it and will now serve 9 months. In addition, he’ll be on 36 months probation and have to complete a Level 3 Anger Management course. He will then be required to take 1 year of psychological counseling at least once a week.

Welp, no sympathy here. The guy has proven himself to be a douchebag many times over. If you made a scent out of his musk, it’d be called Eau De Vinegar.

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