Selena Gomez Won’t Be Playing in Russia Because of the Gays

Selena Gomez was planning to perform in Russia but that’s no longer gonna happen because she’s a big pro-gay advocate and Russia? Not so much. Russia’s new anti-gay law is cited as one of the reasons Selena can’t get into the country to perform.

“This cancellation of Selena Gomez’s visa shows that the Russian government is sensitive and on the defense, and shows that the pressure from people all around the world and the backlash against these laws is strong,” Becker told E! News in a statement. “They’re afraid to have someone like Selena Gomez come in and potentially use her platform to advance LGBT rights.”

It’s 2013 so I have no idea why these laws even exists. It’s like they think any pro-gay talk is going to turn their kids gay. Science has proven long ago that’s just not how it works. Now this gay gun I invented called the Pride Zapper. That’s how you turn a kid gay.

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