Tina Fey Suggested Allison Williams Wear Underwear

Allison Williams, one of the stars of Girls, ran into her ex-boss Tina Fey before the Emmys. One of her first jobs was apparently Fey’s assistant.

Anyway, they must have been somewhat close because Fey spoke at her graduation from New Canaan Country School where she gave her class some life tips. “Allison said that Tina’s advice to her class was, ‘Wear a bra, don’t smoke,'” said a source.

Williams was then overheard saying, “But now I work on Girls where wardrobe doesn’t even let you wear a bra! You can’t find one anywhere on set.”

And right after the crew on Girls read this, they turned the thermostat down to 50 degrees fahrenheit and put on their safety goggles because things were about to get pokey.

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