Harry Styles Took His Date to McDonald’s

When you’re a multi-millionaire and part of the world famous singing group One Direction, it’s pretty obvious where you’re going to take your date. McDonald’s. Bitch, Harry Styles ain’t no ATM.

According to the Daily Star, Styles took Australian blogger Sjana Earp to a McDonald’s drive-thru for a very special date. Like a gentleman, he paid for her Big Mac and fries. It was love at first bite. Wow, that was terrible.

Sjana wrote on her blog, “Harry is probably the NICEST person I’ve ever come across. And it’s genuine, which is such an incredible thing to poss­ess these days.” She added, “He just has this effect on people. You feel really chilled, friendly and relaxed around him.”

By setting her expectations low with the Big Mac and fries, it was the perfect opportunity to really endear himself to her by tossing her and her friends some VIP One Direction passes. She was impressed. You could even say she wanted that One D.

Now that Sjana has set the bar for celebrities taking out bloggers, I’ll just wait here for Miranda Kerr’s call.

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