Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep Had Wild Trailer Sex

According to a new biography of Jack Nicholson by NYT best selling author Mark Eliot, he writes that on the set of Ironweed (1987), Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep would such loud and crazy sex in their trailer to the point that it’d embarrass the rest of the cast and crew.

But back to Jack and Meryl! Elliot says that the stars—who had previously acted together in Heartburn—would reportedly emerge from Jack’s trailer “shaking,” claiming, “Often during shooting, his Winnebago seemed to be balanced on four overworked Slinkys.”

Elliot says everyone on set was talking about the pair, with a source telling the Los Angeles Herald Examiner at the time, “whatever is going on inside that Winnebago it’s starting to get out of hand, to the point where it’s embarrassing a lot of people on the set.” Though we’re sure that didn’t stop any of them from blabbing about it to all of their friends over drinks on the weekends with a gleeful, “in the know” smugness. Vanity Fair

My imagination is terrible so now the image of a current day Jack Nicholson plugging away at a current day Meryl Streep in a small steel trailer is running through my head. The shivers that went down my spine would have registered a 7 on the Richter scale.

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10 years ago

ewww…yuck and YUCK!!!