Jack Nicholson is Retired, Also Doesn’t Feel Right About Hitting on Women Anymore

If you were hoping for a sequel to The Shining, you’re out of luck. Jack Nicholson may be retiring from the movie business.

According to friend Peter Fonda, Jack has retired at age 79. Though Peter isn’t 100% sure about the retirement and that a great role could bring him back to Hollywood, he’s pretty sure Jack is done with the movie star life.

A few years ago, there were rumors about Jack taking an acting break due to problems with memory loss, but those claims were immediately denied by Nicholson’s representatives.

If anything’s for sure, it’s that Nicholson’s partying lifestyle is definitely over. Jack said “I’m still wild at heart but I’ve hit bio-gravity. I can’t hit on women in public anymore. I didn’t decide this. It just doesn’t feel right at my age.”

We’re assuming that Jack wasn’t talking about hitting on women in their 70’s in public, which would honestly be great to see. But Jack is happy living a quieter life at home, though still has odd issues with women. “I got tired of ­arguing with women about going to have dinners so I hired a cook. The food is better at my house. But still, a lot of times ladies want to go out, and I’m ­happier in my dinky little house.”

Why he’s with women who constantly argue about dinner, who knows? But it looks like Jack won’t be showing up in the theaters anytime soon.

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