15 Reasons Why I Hate Ryan Seacrest

Having dated Julianne Hough and Sophie Monk among others, Ryan Seacrest is one of those guys you kind of look at with jealousy and confusion because you have no idea how he convinces any of these girls to have sex with him. I mean, they must have seen at least one episode of American Idol.

Anyway, he now has a a new girlfriend,¬†Shayna Taylor. She’s a fitness advocate/chef/model/hot girl which, as any man will tell you, covers almost every item on that “Wife Material” mental check list.

Hence how this list of 15 reasons why I hate Ryan Seacrest was born. You could theoretically call this 15 pictures of Ryan Seacrest’s new girlfriend Shayna Taylor but that wouldn’t make for a good title.

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9 years ago

I can’t stand Ryan Seacrest. It’s worse than that. I actually hate him and I’ve never hated anyone before. He’s a hack and completely void of genuine personality. He’s been swinging from the nuts of Dick Clark and Casey Kasem for the last 10 years and if you could connect him to a lie detector you’d find out how truly happy he is to finally have both of them dead and have the American Top 40 empire completely to himself… and somehow no one seems to care. He’s such a complete fake. Want proof? Just listen to how he wrapped… Read more »