What the Hell Is Talking About?

On Facebook, posted the above picture with the quote below.

“When the iPhone 8 comes out and you chuck your iPhone 7, when the iPhone 6 is pretty fucking dope, some kid is going to take the iPhone 5 and do something totally different with it. Is going to steam punk the new big thing. That’s the future right there.”

First of all, I’m not sure you can use “steam punk” as a verb. Did he mean “cobble together” or something to that effect? Second of all, the next big thing is a kid putting an iPhone 5 up to his eye? Serious question. Is this kid retarded? was clearly trying to go for something profound but either grammar isn’t his friend or he had a mild stroke because what he wrote makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

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Baron Von Awesome
Baron Von Awesome
10 years ago

YOU speak of grammar (check your spelling) being someone’s friend, yet you stoop to using the “R” word that so many people with disabilities are trying to remove from the English language. Give your head a shake. Really, REALLY hard.