An Unplanned Pregnancy and an Ailing Dad Got George St-Pierre Thinking About Retirement Last Saturday

Update: According to GSP’s sister, the rumors of his father dying are false. Though no one has yet denied the unplanned pregnancy rumor.

Last Saturday night was the big MMA title fight between George St-Pierre (GSP) and Johnny Hendricks. By all accounts, it was an incredibly close fight, but due to the ineptitude of the NSAC judges, GSP was handed the win despite a vast majority of fans and fighters all scoring it for Hendricks. UFC president Dana White even went off on one of his tirades calling for NSAC reform.

The poor decision was punctuated by an announcement from GSP that he’s considering retirement due to personal problems. At a later press conference, Dana White denied that GSP was going to retire telling everyone that his problems seem like the end of the world to him when they’re actually not.

Sources are now telling TMZ what exactly those problems are. An unplanned pregnancy and a dying dad.

A dying dad can definitely mess with a guy’s head and being emotional after getting your ass beat for at least 3 rounds out of 5 can certainly make one rethink fighting again.

However, accidentally getting a chick pregnant shouldn’t be the end of the world but any guy would agree that it sure feels like it. Sources say GSP doesn’t want a kid but the woman insists on keeping it. Maybe because she’s always wanted a kid and maybe because she read the report that GSP makes $12M a year.

What’s weird is this actually happening. Being GSP, you’d think he would play it safe and never finish. Luckily for GSP, leaving it in the judges hands usually works in his favor.

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