Drunk Driving 16 Year Old Kills Four, Blames ‘Affluenza’ and Gets Probation

Ethan Couch Drunk Driver Killed Four, Receives Probation

Back in June in Fort Worth, Texas, Ethan Couch, 16, boozed his way to a .24 blood-alcohol-content, had Valium in his system and decided to hop in his F-350 and go on a beer run. It did not end well. His drunk driving killed one stranded motorist, Breanna Mitchell; three Good Samaritans including a mother and daughter, Hollie Boyles and Shelby Boyles; a pastor, Brian Jennings; and also left one passenger, Sergio Molina, paralyzed, brain damaged and able to communicate only by blinking his eye.

However, we should not blame Couch, not according to the defense’s psychologist, Gary Miller. Instead, we need to point the finger at the deadly disease ‘affluenza’. According to the Star-Telegram:

Miller called the teen a victim of “affluenza,” a rich-kid syndrome that led him to believe money solved everything.

His parents had a volatile and co-dependent relationship, and had a contentious divorce…The parents argued often…”The teen never learned to say that you’re sorry if you hurt someone,” Miller said. “If you hurt someone, you sent him money.”

“This kid has been in a system that’s sick…”

“If he goes to jail, that’s just another sick system.”

So, this kid suffered from the disease of having too much money. It’s hard to call something a disease when every single person wants to contract it.

Couch could’ve received 20 years in prison. However, State District Judge Jean Boyd deemed that too light of a punishment, and instead sentenced Couch to a more punitive 10 years of probation. Not only that, the court has been considering the defense’s suggestion to send the teen away to a $500,000 per year Southern California treatment facility. In other words, a vacation.

Scientists appear to have researched this deadly disease of ‘affluenza’. Strangely, it strikes only 1% of the population. However, the same scientists have found a corollary affliction, striking the remaining 99% of people. They’ve termed this disease ‘shit out of luck-uenza’.

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…..‘shit out of luck-uenza’…. I tip my hat to you good sir.


They should throw the kid AND his parents in jail for a very long time. Plus, sue the fuck out of the parents.

Kyle Richards Is A Whore
Kyle Richards Is A Whore

Well did he kill whites, blacks, or jews? Cause we all know how much people care when anything but white people get killed.


this total bullshit, and he need his ass kicked, better yet lets put him on the side of the road and run his down and leave him only able to communicate by blinking

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