Nickelback Shall Be Your Punishment When City Cracks Down on Drunk Driving

Kensington Police are not fucking around with drunk drivers this holiday season.

On Facebook and Twitter, the Kensington, PA police warned drivers about the dangers of drunk driving. They advised making plans in advance if you know you’ll be drinking by arranging designated drivers or keeping a cab companies phone number on call.

But God help you if you do drunk drive. Not only will you be caught and suffer all the legal consequences, but the Kensington police will play Nickelback in the cruiser all the way to the station.

The cops feel this gift of music is a blessing and a curse. It should be a terrible punishment for those considering getting behind the wheel, though they posit that a person dumb enough to drunk drive would be dumb enough to like Nickelback.

If you’re visiting Kensington, PA before the New Year, beware! You may spend your Christmas singing “This is How You Remind Me” and rueing the day you were born.

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