Avril Lavigne Asks Mark Zuckerberg To Stop Cyber Bullying Nickelback

Yeah, why not? It’s 2016. Why the f**k not?

Avril Lavigne recently decided to be great to call Mark Zuckerberg out via a screenshot of a note on Apple’s Notes app, on Twitter, for making fun of probably the most mocked band in the Western World. So, what pissed of 2005’s most famous “Sk8er Boi” loving, chain pants wearing pop icon and ex-wife of Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger?

Zuckerberg made a joke that he hypothetically programmed his not even real at home intelligence assistant Jarvis to never play Nickelback.

So, recap of 2016, if you’ve raped women and lied to millions of people, you can be president. Everyone died. We are burning our own planet to death. Nazis are drawing incorrect Swastikas all over America. There was a terrorist attack every two weeks. Making fun of Nickelback isn’t cool.

Thanks Avril Lavigne.

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