James Franco Jizzes On Batman’s Cowl For Art

The world’s leading performance artist James Franco released his latest thought provoking series on Facebook and Instagram Wednesday night. The piece is titled 50 Shades of Batman and Robin and, judging by the two pictures from it, I’m assuming it implies Batman and Robin are gay for each other.

In the first picture, Franco modified a batsuit into a S&M costume. That would be the header photo.

The second picture needs no explanation. He just jerked off on Batman’s cowl and let the jizz run down his head. Wow. Such powerful imagery. *Returns to studying upside down art book*

I put the NSFW picture here so your boss doesn’t think you’re reading gay Batman fanfiction. You’re welcome. You’re on your own with the picture up top though.

I’d like to think the backstory to this is Batman took a selfie and put it on his Instagram to show the world how not amused he is that Robin shot his load on him while he was sleeping.

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Kyle Richards Is A Whore
Kyle Richards Is A Whore
10 years ago

Wow he is so artistic, I bet he teaches a class at NYU to all the smart kids their about how hard it is to jizz on something.