Adrian Grenier Is Quite the Ladies’ Man

When the only character you play for eight years is a douchebag who gets laid because the script says he’s good looking, charming and famous, you start to believe you are these things in real life. Well, you’re not. The sooner you realize that fact, the sooner you can avoid being on Page Six for looking like a schmuck.

At a wrap party for the Entourage shoot at Prime 112, Adrian Grenier tried his luck hitting on Nina Agdal, who had a cameo in the film.

“He bought a rose for Nina from a guy selling them on the street and gave it to her,” said a spy.

But Agdal, who’s dating Max George of boy band the Wanted, was able to resist.

I cringed just reading that. I can’t imagine how horrible it was for everyone there. I’d be surprised if a sad trombone didn’t play right after he got rejected.

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