Nina Agdal’s Ass of Destruction

Nina Agdal is most famous for wearing bikinis and dating Leo DiCaprio. She also claims to have a big butt.

“My friends always joke around because whenever I turn around, I’ll bump into stuff because I forget that it’s there. In stores, I’ll knock over glasses or candles or whatever. Everything goes there or on my face. But definitely down there.”


Such a cool collaboration 💙💜💚❤️💛 @aliceandolivia #AOXBASQUIAT

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No excuses 💪🏼🌊🙏🏼 #whatyousweatiswhatyouget

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I’m not saying Nina’s butt is small, but Sir Mix-a-Lot definitely wouldn’t cast Agadal is his video. Personally, I think her butt is a perfect size and it’s good enough for Leo, which means it must be pretty damn good.

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