Leo DiCaprio Recycles an Old Fling From the Past, Nina Agdal

Is Leo DiCaprio running out of women to bang? Say it ain’t so. DiCaprio was secretly photographed by a stalker fan in the Hamptons. The pic shows him and with Nina Agdal standing really, really close. Total bang indicator.

The caption reads: “New pics of Leo at Goldbergs Famous bagels in Montauk today.”

C’mon Leo, the last thing you need is more bagels.

The two were rumored to be doing the sex a couple of years ago. As you can clearly see by today’s evidence, they have resumed the sex.

As an added bonus, here’s Agdal sucking her finger.

And why not, a bikini shot.

The end.

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7 years ago

Best choice Leo ever made. She is perfection.

Of course, so was Gisele, Bar, Blake, Erin and Kelly. But I like Nina best of all.

Guy is a stallion. Maybe one day he will settle down like Clooney.