Emile Hirsche and Jerry O’Connell are Not Sorry

With Shia LaBeouf on his bag over head apology tour where people like the guy below yell at him trying to get him to break, other actors are taking this opportunity to remind the public that, unlike Shia, they are still famous. Maybe. Sort of.

In a stunt by Funny or Die, Jerry O’Connell set up a similar exhibit next door to Shia titled #IAMSORRYTOO. His performance piece mimics Shia’s in that he too sits with a bag on his head and the viewer can take from a table of objects like a Blu-ray of Stand by Me. Unlike Shia, however, O’Connell’s bag says he’s super famous and he actually talks to the viewer.

Then there’s Emile Hirsch who went on a Twitter stream of consciousness update spree where he had fun at Shia’s expense.

I actually planned to go visit Shia’s art installation and ask him to critique a terrible stand-up routine I’d perform in front of him. Then I saw the line and realized I’m extremely lazy.

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