Die Antwoord’s ‘Pitbull Terrier’ Video Is Insane

Die Antwoord releases their new album Donker Mag on June 3. It will be their follow-up to 2012’s Ten$ion. To celebrate, they’ve released a music video for “Pitbull Terrier.” It’s about as crazy as all their other videos. Maybe even the craziest. The video, directed by Ninja, features him wearing awesome pitbull prosthetics while going around town tearing into people.

If you want an excuse to pick up the album, just check out the song titles.

01 Dont Fuk Me
02 Ugly Boy
03 Happy Go Sucky Fucky
04 Zars
05 Raging Zef Boner
06 Pompie
07 Cookie Thumper!
08 Girl I Want 2 Eat U
09 Pitbull Terrier
10 Strunk
11 Do Not Fuk Wif Da Kid
12 Rat Trap 666 [ft. DJ Muggs]
13 I Dont Dwank
14 Sex
15 Moon Love
16 Donker Mag

In a bit of trivia, Die Antwoord is actually paying homage to the cult movie Black Cat, White Cat for “Pitbull Terrier.” Just a fun fact you probably don’t care about. :(

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