David Ayer Wasn’t Even Good at Ripping off Die Antwoord for ‘Suicide Squad’

Suicide Squad has fucked up all over the place for the legacy of the DC Universe in its battle with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it’s all David Ayer’s fault. If the 10 minutes of Jared Leto’s painful overacting as the Clown Prince of Crime wasn’t enough to ruin the movie for you, pick literally any other part. Dialogue? Casting decisions? The fact that the entire movie was one 130-minute trailer?

For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on the bullshit re-characterization of Leto’s Joker and his all-too-committed-to-the-Joker-to-really-be-anything-that-Harley-Quinn-actually-is leading lady in Margot Robbie. The whole movie has a my-parents-are-picking-me-up-at-the-mall-in-10-minutes-but-i-really-wanna-smoke-this-cig-behind-that-dumpster vibe, but where it really starts to suck is when you realize that not one part of this try hard edge fest was due to effort on Ayer’s part. He ripped every piece of Harley and Mista J from Die Antwoord.

Singer and one-half of the duo, Yolanda Visser took to Instagram to call out Ayer for his shady bitch nature.

David Ayer…. don’t do something that TWO people already do better.

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Erik Colquitt
Erik Colquitt
7 years ago

The movie made bank,
Largest opening on August ever, surpassing Gaurdians of the Galaxy,
It’s time to let this go Bro