Tracy Morgan Not Losing a Leg, Is Getting Better

Despite reports by MediaTakeOut, which should always be treated like the Weekly World News, Tracy Morgan is not losing his leg. It was broken in the crash but won’t be amputated. You can close the book on that rumor.

Meanwhile, TMZ posted footage of the aftermath from the accident. You can see a bunch of people trying to help those in the limo. That fact gives me great hope that if I ever overturn my car, I won’t be just stuck in my car fruitlessly yelling for help like Hans Moleman.

In related news, Kevin Roper, the guy driving the truck that hit Morgan’s limo, seems like a standup guy. The NYDN found a tweet Roper made that won’t help his case too much. “Trying to win more than lose! Driving trucks for a living it’s my road move or get hit.”

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Jason B
7 years ago

Yeah, I really hope Tracy gets better. His appearances on the Stern show alone are worth keeping him around. The dude is a fuckin’ trip.

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