Kendall Jenner Dating Chandler Parsons?

In a move that will surely disrupt the Kardashian space-time continuum, Kendall Jenner might be dating NBA star Chandler Parsons. Chandler Parsons… is white. I know, I know. I couldn’t believe it either. Rumors began after they were spotted together sitting next to each other at STK LA Saturday night.

“Kendall and Chandler were flirting throughout the meal,” a spy said. “They laughed and chatted all night.”

This goes against everything the Kardashians stand for. “Not in my house, young lady!,” screamed Kris Jenner.

  • opiul99

    hey idiot, two wrongs don’t make a right. it seems pretty self-explanatory, but let me explain it to your dense ass anyway – if you want to be welcomed in a country, you probably shouldn’t pull the chink eyes, insulting both the Buddha and the entire country’s inhabitants. and if you’re stupid enough to have done that, you should probably apologize rather than whine about how it’s the media’s fault. understood?

  • T.U. A.

    lol try harder next time. First that detergent commercial never made it to any large audience because that company took it down and apologized for what they did wrong. And did you know the one-child policy is no longer in effect?

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