There’s Video of Angelina Jolie in Her ‘Drug Den’ from a Decade Ago

Before Angelina Jolie turned into the second coming of Mother Teresa, she went through some dark times. Back in 1998 after she won the Golden Globe for Gia, Angelina loved her coke and heroin. The National Enquirer managed to get a video of her back then pacing around her apartment which Radar Online affectionately calls her “drug den.”

The video was shot by her dealer at the time, Franklin Meyer. Meyer says he delivered cocaine and heroin to her in the late 90s and videotaped one of his visits as she talked to her dad, Jon Voigt.

While the video is more boring than listening to Lindsay Lohan tell everyone she’s turning her life around for the 20th time, it’s interesting to compare the Angelina Jolie of then to the Angelina Jolie of now. She kind of looks the same. I’m not even sure she aged that much. Those drugs must have been fantastic.

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