Alexis Arquette Says Jared Leto Has a Massive Dong

Alexis Arquette said that back when she was a man, she had sex with Jared Leto. She also says that his penis was massive. I’m not sure what the bigger news here is. That Jared Leto is bisexual or he has a massive weiner.

“I had sex with Jared Leto back when I was presenting as a male,” she tells the mag, “And, yes, it’s not only massive; it’s like a Praetorian Guard’s helmet.”

A GIS for “Praetorian Guard’s helmet” shows this.

I have no idea how to take this. Is his penis a skilled warrior of destruction? Does it slay everything in sight? Is the head so massive that it feels like a reverse birth? Does his penis have a mohawk? Is penis styling the new thing to do? Am I going to have to buy some clippers? Is there a stencil set I can buy? So many questions.

(H/T Dlisted)

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