Shaq Used to Grapple His Teammates Naked

Everyone knows Shaq is a prankster but only a few realize how far he’ll go to pull off a good prank. Former coach Alvin Gentry talked about the stuff Shaq would pull in the locker room. For example, he’d get naked, run at his coach and teammates, grapple naked with them and choke them out.

“The thing that he did that he got to be notorious for is that, every few days or every week or so, he would decide that it was time for this Brazilian naked wrestling contest. You would never know who the chosen one was, but what would happen when you least expect it, this 7-foot, 310-pound guy would turn the corner, and he would be stark naked and he would run right at you full speed, grab you, he would take you to the floor and then he would do about five rollovers with you. And he would always tell our trainers who it was going to be, so they were always prepared for it, but you never knew who it was going to be. Yes, I was a victim of this. I had to go to therapy a bit after that”

There’s literally nothing more terrifying than a naked 7ft, 310 pound guy running at you naked trying to choke you out. It’s like being in prison. The only saving grace is you’re not going to be raped after you pass out. Probably.

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