We Found Love in an Anal Place

Wetlands is being heralded as The Notebook of this generation. That is if The Notebook described itself as a sex comedy where the main character, who describes herself as “a living pussy-hygiene experiment,” falls in love with a nurse treating her for an anal shaving injury. Did it? I didn’t really watch The Notebook. Anyhoo, here’s a short summary of the movie.

Unabashed in her exploratory pursuit of pleasure, Helen engages in several sex romps: one with an anonymous food-stand patron, another with some food itself. (Cucumbers are a decent masturbatory aid, though nothing compares to a carrot). Helen has to put the hookups on hold, however, when she ends up in the hospital after an anal injury incurred from shaving. There she meets a cute male nurse who’s intrigued by her predilection for perversity, and things take a surprisingly sweet turn between the two of them … while still remaining super gross, of course.

Vulture managed to snag an exclusive trailer which you should all watch because it may be the least perverse German video you’ll ever see. Also, check out the gallery to get more of a hint about how sexy this movie is.

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