Bill Murray Attends Birthday Party, Continues to Be Awesome, Perfect, God-like

Marvin “Larry” Reynolds, who lives on the outskirts of Charleston, South Carolina, invited Bill Murray to a party celebrating his and Bill’s birthdays. (Bill turns 64 on Sunday.) Marvin doesn’t know Murray, but the party was catered by famed local chef Brett McKee. McKee is friends with Murray, who has a home in the Charleston area.

In a shocking act of casual grace and benevolence equivalent to being gently rubbed behind the ear by the finger of God, Bill Murray came to the party.

Bill danced to the DJ Snake and Lil John hit “Turn Down for What.” He played air guitar to “867-5309/Jenny.” He posed for pictures. He hugged. He blew out birthday candles. The other guests had to be dunked in ice water to stop them from exploding from happiness.

And ISIS wants to wreck a nation in which this can happen? Fuuuck them.

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