You Can Look at the Leaked Celebrity Nudes, Because They’re Art Now

You know the Fappening – the massive leak of naked celebrity selfies. (“Fap,” of course, is the internet’s chosen term for the sound one makes when masturbating – fap fap fap fap fap – hence the term “Fappening.” Do I have to explain everything to you?)

We all looked at the photos. Then we read the opinion pieces which told us that anyone who looks at the photos is an exploitative douche. Then we felt bad and quit looking at the photos.

Well, rejoice, thanks to a new website called, which asks artists to creatively cover up the naked parts of the leaked selfies. This is great for several reasons. 1) Most of the art is pretty good and/or funny. 2) Now that it’s art, you can look at it and feel good about yourself – you’re not a perv, you’re an art connoisseur. 3) The covering-up somehow makes the pictures dirtier, in a way.

How does covering them up make the pictures dirtier? Like this – by now, we’ve all seen about 20 million sex pictures on the internet. The porn center of our brain is burned-out on images of hardcore sex. To wake it up, we need something else, and that something else turns out to be naked Jennifer Lawrence covered up with a cartoon.

It’s the same reason your Uncle Todd, after being happily married to Aunt Wendy for 22 years, started sleeping with dudes in his late 40s. He’d burned-out his porn center on straight sex and had to jump-start it by switching to guys. So, you can check out, or try Grindr. It’s up to you.

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Ra Hans
Ra Hans
7 years ago

Fappening 3 just released not as good as the previous leaks but still good:

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