Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice and More Have Leaked Nudes

Not sure what happened today, but it looks like the internet blew its load. Someone managed to get their hands on nudes from around 30 celebs and started putting them up on 4chan and Imgur. Perhaps the biggest name in the bunch is Jennifer Lawrence who doesn’t have just leaked nudes but also a few (60?) videos, as of yet unreleased, as well. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Speculation so far is it was an iCloud vulnerability that allowed someone access. That’s an unconfirmed rumor but celebs do love their iPhones. Check out Daily Dot’s coverage of it.

Here’s a list of who has what leaked with links to their albums. As always, the galleries below are NSFW so click at your own risk. List is constantly being updated so keep on checking back.






Complete galleries here. Updated list here.

There’s also supposedly one of Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from GoT) but, uh, you’re going to have to search for that one yourself (fake). Also, the Reddit thread that’s constantly being updated, a link to all of the photos so far.


Update: Here’s a list of nudes the 4chan user is planning on leaking today.

Update #2: Victoria Justice ones are fake.

Update #3: Victoria Justice said those pics were fake but that just seemed to poke the bear as now there’s a whole album of her.

Update #4: Looks like one of the “collectors” asking for Bitcoins in return for nudes hasn’t been too careful.

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