Crew Members Strip to Make Katherine Heigl Comfortable

Filming a sex scene for State of Affairs is never easy. First, you’re a chick undressing in front of a bunch of dudes. Second, you’re Katherine Heigl. To show their support and make her feel at ease with getting naked, crew members on Heigl’s new NBC drama stripped down in solidarity. Kind of. They mostly just took off their shirts.

Wrote Heigl on her Instagram to which this photo was posted and with which she is totally not using for publicity for her show which premieres Monday, Nov. 17, “Nope I haven’t gone into the adult film business…just having a little fun w/ my amazingly supportive crew who shed their shirts in solidarity!! Love you all!!”

This act of solidarity was no doubt done without hesitation. Bragging to your significant other that you got to spend the day half-naked in bed with a famous actress is on everyone’s bucket list (no matter how shrew-like she is).

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