Justin Bieber Punched Photogs After Eating With Kendall Jenner

Justin Bieber, who did not eat dinner with Selena Gomez but instead with Kendall Jenner last night, punched and shoved his way through a crowd of photographers waiting for him outside of Ferdi.

Kendall was at Paris Fashion Week to walk in shows for Chanel. Bieber was there to pretend he knew something about fashion.

Pictures show the 20-year-old squeaky-voiced brat shoving his way past photogs. In one photo, it looks like he’s punching a male photographer. In another, his left hand is on someone’s neck. The photographer looks relatively unfazed. In fact, his calm demeanor makes it look like he’s about 5 seconds away from snapping and shoving him into a trashcan.

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5 years ago

This could work a douche bag and a spoil brat :P

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