Bill Cosby Raped Some More Women

At this point, we should be trying to find women who Bill Cosby hasn’t raped. Here’s a quick rundown of the latest women who claim Bill Cosby raped/assaulted them.

Renita Chaney Hill says she was a 15-year-old model and aspiring actress when she first met Cosby in the 80s. Much like the others, Cosby promised her fame. In exchange, she would go to his hotel room and drink. She found it odd that every time she had his drink, she’d wake up with no memory the next day.

“One time, I remember just before I passed out, I remember him kissing and touching me and I remember the taste of his cigar on his breath, and I didn’t like it,” Hill said. “I remember another time when I woke up in my bed the next day and he was leaving, he mentioned you should probably lose a little weight. I thought that odd, how would he know that?”

When she told Cosby she wouldn’t drink if she came to see him, Cosby said she couldn’t come if she didn’t drink. That man drives a hard bargain. In the end, the promise of fame wasn’t worth it.

“It was just a horrifying feeling thinking that as a part of your dream you felt like this was something you had to endure,” Hill said. “And that’s why I couldn’t do it anymore, and I just walked away.”

Kristina Ruehli’s story happened in 1965 when she worked at a talent agency in LA. Cosby invited the staff at the agency to a party at his his. When Kristina showed up, she was the only one there. She went in anyway. Cosby showed her his baby and then poured her a drink. She assumes it was spiked because she passed out after 2 of them.

Kristina woke up in bed with Cosby and his pants unzipped next to her. He was trying to stick his dick in her mouth.

He was attempting to force me into oral sex. He had his hand on my head. He had his cock out, and he had my head pushed close enough to it — I just remember looking at his stomach hair. And the hair on his chest. I had never seen a black man naked before.

And it never went past that. I immediately came to and was immediately very sick. I pushed myself away and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I was feeling really ill. And I never got sick like that from alcohol, at least not that small of an amount.

Once I threw up — it was five in the morning by now, I think — I left the bathroom and he wasn’t there. I don’t know where he went. But I left right away. I was able to drive myself home. I didn’t live that far away.

Former model/actress Angela Leslie alleges Cosby made her masturbate him with her hand. Leslie first met Cosby in 1990 after sending him a letter and photograph which she hoped would help land her a role on Ghost Dad. After two failed attempts, Cosby finally got to meet Leslie. His m.o. was the same. Coercing her to drink a spiked drink. This time he wanted her to do an impromptu audition by pretending to be intoxicated. He poured her a drink.

“I couldn’t drink it,” she recounted. “I tasted it and put it down. Then he asked me to go into the bathroom and wet my hair. . . . I walked back out, and he had removed his clothing and gotten into bed.”

Cosby began rubbing against the actress before pouring lotion into her palm and pulling her hand under the blankets.

“With his hand on top of mine, he had me massage his penis,” she said. “He masturbated with my hand. I wasn’t pulling back. I was in shock.”

Bill got tired of her and left. Leslie thinks it’s because she didn’t drink the drink and pass out.

Therese Serignese said she met Cosby at a Las Vegas gift shop where he pretended to propose to her.

“He asked me, ‘would you like to come see my show?’ Of course I would.” said Serignese.

She said she ended up at an after party.

Therese said hours later it was just her and Cosby and that’s when she says he offered her some pills.

She said, “I took them, didn’t know what they were didn’t even ask. I just was intimidated I guess and I took them. Then my next memory is feeling drugged and him having sex with me.”

Therese said she didn’t know how she got home but remembers telling her mother the next day.

“She just looked at me and said ‘maybe he’ll take care of you,’ ” Serignese said.

After a couple of weeks living in his hotel, Cosby kicked her out following a pregnancy scare.

Lou Ferrigno’s wife said Cosby assaulted her in 1967 while his wife Camille was in the house.

She and her date and Bill started to play pool and in the middle of the game, she looks up and asked where Camille [Cosby’s wife] was.

She’s probably gone to bed,’ Cosby told her.

‘Things are starting to feel odd now. I’m from the South and you always say good night to your guests so I asked, “Why didn’t she say goodnight?”‘

‘He said she was probably tired so I kept watching them play. And then Bill won, so Bill and I played. And pretty soon I noticed that the guy disappeared and I asked where he went,

‘He told me ‘probably to the bathroom’.

‘Things really seemed odder now. We kept playing. Bill beat me. And just as I was ready to put the pool cue down he came forward at me. I thought he was reaching for the pool cue. But he came at me and grabbed me in such a powerful way. Grabbing me.

‘He was much bigger than me. Much bigger and he pulled me so hard and so rough. I had never been treated so roughly and he pulled me hard to him so hard.

‘And then kissed me so hard, right in the mouth. No one has ever been that physically violent with me.

‘I was stunned. I was frozen. I took all my body strength and used both of my arms to stop him and push him away from me. He was so forceful.

I’ve lost count of how many women have come forward. Bill Cosby is like the Zodiac Killer of sexual assaults.

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8 years ago

How can this be a complicated ruse to discredit him? Did the “hush money” run out?

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