Lil Jon Flew Across the Country Today Just to Vote

Having taken part in the “Turn Out For What” video for the Rock the Vote campaign, Lil Jon was not going to be the only one not to vote. However, this would prove difficult after he didn’t receive¬†the absentee ballot he requested. But no attempts by the man to keep him down would¬†work. He boarded a 6 AM flight to Atlanta from LA this morning just to rock the vote.

Lil Jon, who appears to be registered to vote in Georgia, claims he did not receive an absentee ballot at his Los Angeles home. Polls close at 7 p.m. in Georgia.

It would look pretty bad if he didn’t vote on Election Day. Lil Jon is the latest spokesperson for Rock the Vote, the youth-engagement organization. Last month, the group released a music video featuring the rapper at a polling place surrounded by other celebrities dancing to “Turn Out for What,” a get-out-the-vote remix of his hit song “Turn Down for What.”

What made casting his ballot more difficult was trying to give him instructions. “So you want to first press this.” Whaaaaaat?! “This button right here.” Yaaaaaaa! “You got it Mr. Lil Jon?” Alriiiiight!

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