Nick Jonas Plays MMA Fighter Addicted to Banging in ‘Kingdom’, Here’s His Sex Scene

If you haven’t already noticed, Nick Jonas threw his purity ring into Mount Doom because he wasn’t about to let Mickey Mouse keep him from getting that sweet ass. He’s been revving up his masculinity for a while now trying to prove to everyone he doesn’t shriek at the sight of tits. The next stop in his testosterone-fueled tour is a starring role in Kingdom, his new drama on DirecTV, where he plays an MMA fighter who loves taking girls to pound town. He’s really excited about the part.

When a fan asked Jonas if he would ever consider doing a nude scene for a project, the performer revealed, “Oh, I just did a lot of nudity.” He added, “Yeah, there was like three or four sex scenes [in ‘Kingdom’].” Jonas also hinted that his character may be questioning his sexual orientation in future episodes. He explained, “Another little thing is my character has a big storyline… revolving around his sexuality.”

Clips of one of his sex scenes have now found their way online. This will be the proverbial straw that popped the camel’s cherry. Check out the two very NSFW clips below. Later, we can talk about the girl in this scene who is super pretty. I think. I can’t tell. Everything is so blurry. At least she moans like she’s pretty.

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