Ariel Winter: ‘It’s Challenging to Dress My Body’

Women who developed early will understand Ariel Winter’s troubles picking out clothes. You don’t want to be, how to put this, too revealing. So what does a 16-year old Winter wear and please erase those pervy thoughts from your head? Winter walked the PEOPLE Magazine Awards red carpet and told the magazine with a laugh.

It’s interesting, because I’m very young, but I have a more mature body. So it’s a blessing and a curse. I have to find things that are appropriate to wear but also fit my body well, so it still looks good.

I have more of an edgier style. I’m not pink, ruffled, preppy. I like the bodysuits, I love the color black. So the mature style and the more mature body goes with the age that I would like to be.

Right, fashion, pink, preppy, la la la la. Here she is at the awards show, don’t stare too hard or you’ll hear a knock on your door pretty soon from Chris Hansen.

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