Drake Dislocates Shoulder in Fight with Diddy Outside Club. Guess Why?

The old versus new collided outside the LIV nightclub in Miami Sunday night when Drake and Diddy came to blows. According to Rick Ross’ DJ, Sam Sneaker, the 45-year old Diddy dislocated 28-year old Drake’s shoulder, sending him to the hospital. Everyone’s guessing why. Some say Drake made a drunk comment to Cassie, Diddy’s girlfriend. There are other reasons too, according to Page Six:

One source told us, โ€œDrake and Diddy got into it outside the club. They were arguing over the rights to a song, and got into a physical fight. Diddy claimed that Drake was using music without the proper rights.โ€

Another reason could be the disrespect Drake purportedly showed Diddy when he snatched Diddy’s mic onstage at a concert. Ohhh, if there’s one thing you never do, it’s snatch anything from a rapper.

It happened at NBA’s All-Star Weekend when Drake’s mic went bad, so he threw it to the floor and grabbed Diddy’s, leaving Diddy to bend down AND USE THE DEFECTIVE ONE!

Drake, respect your elders!

Sam Sneaker gave summaries on Twitter:

After their dust up, Diddy went back inside the club and Drake called one of his many side pieces, saying “I’m coming home, I’m coming home”.

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